What is Iron On Vinyl?

What is Iron On Vinyl?

Cricut iron on vinyl is a special type of adhesive vinyl which activates with heat. This vinyl is most commonly used with fabrics, but can also be used with wood, paper or metal. Iron on vinyl is also branded as heat transfer vinyl (HTV), Everyday Iron on Vinyl and EasyWeed vinyl.

How to Cut Iron On Vinyl

To get started, open up Cricut Design Space. If you already have an svg file to use, upload this file now. You can also find a full library of graphics and fonts to use through Cricut Access.

Once your image is in the canvas area, you will need to resize your image. You can resize your image by clicking on your image and then using the arrow to make your image larger or smaller. Or, type the exact dimensions in your tool bar.

Then, click on the green button “Make It” in the top right hand corner of your canvas area. This will bring up your mat preview screen.

Note: Whenever using cricut iron on vinyl, you need to make sure to mirror your images. If your cutting project is on multiple mats, you will need to turn the mirror on, on each mat.

Then, click continue.

Connect your Cricut machine and select iron on materials. If you are using a Cricut Explore, you will set your dial to iron on.

If using a Cricut Maker, you will select from a list of materials.

Place your iron on vinyl with the finished side DOWN on your cutting mat. The finishe

d side is the glossy side of your vinyl. Make sure to press your vinyl firmly on the mat. The Cricut Brayer helps with this, especially if you are using an older mat.

Insert your mat into the Cricut and press the flashing arrow button on your Cricut. This will load your cutting mat into the machine. Then, press the blinking “C” button and this will begin to cut your vinyl.

Once this is finished, press the arrow button on your Cricut to release your mat.