How can I make Money with my Silhouette Cameo?

How can I make Money with my Silhouette Cameo?

Crafting can be fun. It is a chance to use your skills and knowledge to put something together. The feeling of accomplishment once you’ve created something is fantastic. You can also craft to earn an income. Are you looking for things to make and sell using your Silhouette machine?

I’ve used my Silhouette Cameo to make and sell stickers, vinyl decals, and personalized shirts. All of these are created using skills, practice, and creativity. I learned from watching other crafters. Then I started practicing with the materials. It all came together and I sold what I was making.

Here is a list of 10 things that you can make and sell using your Silhouette machine:

1. Labels

Have you ever seen personalized water bottle labels or wine bottle labels?
You can definitely personalize labels with your machine. Making labels would be part of the print & cut features of the Silhouette. You will need a high-quality printer and label paper. Labels can be created for almost anything: candy bars, potato chip bags, and other gifts.

2. Party Decor

I love seeing how an event planner brings so many things together to create an amazing party theme. You can create everything from cupcake wrappers to party banners. Create personalized party decor for busy moms or brides. Party decor is a big category with endless possibilities. Crafty moms earn money making personalized confetti, cake toppers, party signs, centerpieces, photo props, and party hats.

3. Stickers

There is a huge market for both functional and decorative stickers. If you haven’t checked out the #planner or #plannergoodies hashtag on Instagram, I suggest you get a cup of tea or coffee and dig in.

You will find some of the most creative planner pages that will motivate you to consider how to organize your life on paper. I created planner stickers for a few months when the planner craze was in its earlier days. I still print and cut stickers for myself.

4. Shirts & Accessories

Use your Silhouette machine to cut Heat Transfer Vinyl and apply it to shirts, drink holders, lanyards, and tote bags. Personalize these items with monograms or catchy sayings for your customers.

Shirts were how I earned an income with my machine for over two years. I still create designs for shirts, but I outsource the printing and shipping. You can get started right away if you have a Silhouette, heat press, and vinyl.

5. Paper Flowers

Some of the most beautiful flower walls I have seen were made with paper flowers.

You can make flower arches, flower walls, or just a single flower to sell for home decor. Use your Silhouette machine to cut out the flower pieces easily. Add in some hot glue and maybe watercolor. Paper flowers are definitely a money maker.

6. Car Decals

Next time you’re out for a drive, check out the number of cars around you with some type of decal. One of my favorite vinyl suppliers started by selling decals to local schools. They also used them for the school’s fundraisers.

There are endless possibilities here because people identify with so many groups. You can make deals for your city/state and local schools. Add humor or show that your most precious cargo is on board (I’ll let you decide if that’s a baby or a dog).

7. Personalized Cups & Glasses

The steps are pretty simple. You can personalize coffee cups or sports bottles to sell to sports fans or coffee-loving coworkers. Personalize them using names or monograms.
My favorite place to buy cups is Save A Cup. They offer some of the highest-quality cups and bottles. Very similar to what you see on the shelves of stores.

8. Wood Signs

I love signs! I don’t make them often, but I love their look on a styled mantle or in an entryway. You can use stencil material or vinyl to create a painted wood sign personalized for a family or season. Create signs with loads of color or something with a distressed look. Considering how big the farmhouse decor theme has gotten, this can be a big moneymaker.

9. Home Decor

Have you ever seen the candles with witty sayings on them? Or the pillow that has all of the children’s names? You can use your machine to make many of the things you see around the home. Some of my favorite things are decals to organize the pantry, laundry room, or under the sink. I know it’s a silly thing to get excited about. Home organization is fun!

10. Invitations & Envelopes

The Silhouette has an excellent feature that allows you to use any pen, pencil, or marker to write in beautiful script. You can add writing across material that you can load into your machine. Design and script out beautiful invitations using your machine. Or provide envelopes that appear to have the work of a calligrapher. You can write out anything that you or your customer would like.

So many people will see this list and think, “I can get those things already at the store.”

You’re right!

What you will notice is that items are personalized.

Personalization is how you stand out from the larger stores that have crafty items on their shelves. Take a look at some of the things sold in-store the next time you’re out. Consider how you can add your spin on them with a bit of personalization.

For more information about Silhouette Cameo visit: Silhouette America Help