Can a Cricut business be profitable?

Can a Cricut business be profitable?

Let’s face it, crafting isn’t cheap. I will always believe that I actually save money making gifts, home decor, clothing, and other crafty things over purchasing ready-made. I also believe my hand-crafted items are higher in quality. But still, we spend a lot of money on crafting supplies. So I also want to justify all the money I’ve spent on this machine and materials. Besides, it never hurts to make a little side income.

On top of it all, it just feels good when other people appreciate and buy your lovingly crafted items!

I’m sort of a generalist when it comes to crafting, dipping my toes into many crafts and techniques. There are some categories that I stray away from mostly because I just don’t have the equipment for it or the space to make the stuff. So your first step should be to take stock of what you have to work with and what things you enjoy creating.

How to think about the most profitable Cricut businesses

As it turns out, when selling crafts, the smaller the craft, the more profitable it ends up being. Smaller means less material to make the item plus less weight when it comes time to ship equals out to higher profit.

So, in creating a Cricut business plan, my primary consideration within this list is the cost of materials, general size and shipping considerations, time and effort from start to finish (because time is money!), and popularity.

Cost of Materials – The cost of material generally folds into pricing but things that you may want to consider are overhead costs. Most people have to front the money to buy materials first. Also, there are going to be some unused scraps and material when buying in bulk. You can always try to only buy as much material as you might need but it is never perfectly optimized.

Shipping – There have been numerous reports that people just buy more when shipping is free. For the vendor, this usually is made possible by folding the shipping costs into the product pricing. This is fine if you have a high price point item but if the natural price of the item is $5 and shipping costs $50, it just doesn’t make any sense for the end consumer.

Effort – For most crafters selling their products is mostly a labor of love. But it does take away from the fun when making crafts for orders takes over your life. If you are selling a really intricate vinyl piece, do you really want to weed for an hour and only sell it for $5? The times you have to skip the family outing, turn down that invite for drinks with the girls, or sit up all night because you have an order deadline to meet are a reality in the world of sales. It’s just something to keep in mind.

Popularity – Fads come and go, it never hurts to ride one. That’s the benefit of selling handmade, your supply chain and operations tend to be more nimble so you can pivot whenever the winds change direction. Whether it’s new movies and music, events, or any other thing triggers a new fad you can switch gears and start cranking out what the people are craving.

How to make money with vinyl cutter

Vinyl is the perfect material for Cricut business sellers. Its relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and super easy to ship, and most importantly, there are so many things you can make.

Wall Art

The possibilities are endless here. Even with Fixer Upper the show not currently airing, farmhouse wall decor is still going strong. There are more than half a million searches on Pinterest monthly for farmhouse wall art. Don’t miss out on the actions.

Customized Decals

Customized stickers are great because they apply for so many end uses from parties to home decor. When you offer customized service, it’s differentiation that the bigger retailers cannot compete with.

Kids Related Wall Decals

Kids related decorating happens all year round. From nurseries to birthday parties to baby showers, there is a never-ending need for baby and kids decor.
Cricut business ideas


Similar in vein to vinyl decals, stickers are a hot item both because of the customization possibilities and their shipping costs (as in it doesn’t cost much)..

Wedding Decor and Favors Might be the Best Selling Cricut Projects

The wedding industry is alive and well. This is no surprise. According to Pinterest, back yard weddings are on a rise. The search for them has gone up 441%. Everyone is trying to save a little on their wedding.

While people are having smaller affairs, they are cutting back on the details. Small intimate events required a more personalized touch. Artisanal goods, customized wedding party gear, and handmade favors are just the right things for the modern wedding.

How to make money with a Cricut Air 2

I started out with the Cricut Air. I loved it so much I invested in the Maker as well which opened up even more craft possibilities. After getting my Cricut Maker, I realized the bulk of my favorite things to make could be done on the Cricut Explorer. There are so many products to sell using the Cricut Explorer.

Paper Flowers

Just like farmhouse decor, the popularity of paper flowers is at an all-time high with more than half a million searches for it on Pinterest each month. They are great for all occasions from Mother’s Day to Weddings to Baby Showers. No wonder they so in demand.

Cricut Cake Toppers – Customization is key when it comes to Cricut ideas to sell

Cake and cupcake toppers might be the easiest and most cost-effective things to make. Parents are always looking to elevate their game at kids’ birthday parties with all sorts of customized decor and favors. (I speak from personal experience with 2 toddlers myself.)

Unicorns are ALL the rage these days with kids. I have personally made 3 sets of unicorn birthday decor (which are all included in my resource library by the way). Kids are nuts about unicorns.
Cricut business ideas

Leather Earrings

These cute leather earrings take no graphic design skills at all to make. If you just want to test the waters, go get a bunch of free leather swatches from a furniture store and use them to make an initial batch. My templates for these earrings are included in my resource library.

How to Make Money with Cricut maker business ideas

With the top of the line cutting machine like the Cricut Maker, the possibilities are now truly endless. From paper to fabrics to wood, there are so many materials to work with.

Felt and Fabric Flowers

Cactus arrangements searches were up 235% according to Pinterest. Get on this succulents trend with Felt Succulents.

Wood Projects

There are more than a million searches a month on Pinterest for rustic decor Coincidentally, you can cut wood with your Cricut Maker! Customized wood signs are a sure bet.

Other Leather and Faux Leather Goods

Sure you can cut both leather and faux leather with the Cricut Explorer but it sure is easier with the Knife and Rotary blade. A lot of the more beautiful metallic and colorful faux leathers are super soft and I’ve only gotten it to cut consistently with the Rotary blade.

For more information about Cricut visit: Cricut Help Center